Arts in Context

2018 Arts In Context Syllabus

Details for our next four weeks.

Tuesday May 1st:
We can have individual meetings.
8:30 Josh
9:00 Denise
9:30 Yuwei
10;00 Tom
Please send me in email a cv (last name_CV) and (last name_Grant) grant you want to apply to or a copy of one you have already applied with.I will send these on to the grantwriter Sarah Sulivan as an introduction to each of you for the next class.
Tuesday May 8th. 
Sarah Sullivan, RISD professional grant writer comes to the class. Prepare questions regarding grant writing for her.
Tuesday May 15th  Shortened class.  
Share a hard copy one-page summative update (bring 5 copies) of what your independent work has been for this class. Share websites and the format your final more thorough paper will take. This will be a short class because of the Thesis presentations the next day.
It is fine if you share a concept map itemizing your Arts in Context work; a comparative outline of non-profits or site visits (SWOT or PEST or SOAR)  or a roster of the categories of jobs/grants you have applied to or researched, or give a summary of finding a job opening, the interview process and a solid background on the new job.  This one-page update or outline will guide the more in-depth final report due in one week.
Tuesday May 22 in pdf form to me
Last Name_Arts in Context_2018. final summary of your targeted research work this semester for arts in context.

Previous Classes and Resources

Tuesay April 10, 2018

No Group Class this week

Individual Meetings: Bring current hard copies of what you have done, what you have read, what you plan to do.

8:30 Josh

9:00 Yuwei

9:30 Denise

10:00 Tom


April 3, 2018

Roundtable Discussion:

Bring an article, plan, website, grant, job, to present to the group regarding your topical interests. Be prepared to discuss the article and or  pose questions to the group about your plan. We will be planning the introductions you would like to have, site visits, research, and production for the rest of the term this week.


March 20 2018

Individual Meetings
Bring updated CV; proposals, plans for research.
8:30 Denise
8:50  Yuwei
9:10 Thomas
Group Class at 10:00 am.

Deb Dormody has a high level of skill in both the operational practices of successful organizations, as well as an expertise in mission-driven programming. As Deputy Director, Deb manages the organization’s residency consortium grantmaking programs, produces the Alliance’s annual conference and Emerging Program Institute, and develops strategy for programs and research projects providing services to members working in the field of artist residencies. Prior to joining the Alliance, Deb was the Cultural Affairs Manager for the City of Providence. She acted as the liaison to the city’s arts and cultural community, providing consultation for non-profit organizations, as well as artist management and coordination of city services for events and films, all while intent on making government more streamlined and transparent. She administered a grantmaking program aimed at enriching Providence’s neighborhoods through the performing arts. Deb also provided policy and strategy input for city projects related to zoning and public space use. As Program Director for Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy, she launched a series of programs centered on creating a positive and flourishing environment for residents and visitors alike.

For 8 years, Deb was a co-owner at Craftland, Providence’s shop housing a craft school and artists’ gallery showcasing fine art and craft from local and national independent artists. Additionally, Deb founded If’n Books + Marks in 2000 and continues exhibit her handmade books in galleries around the country. She is featured in the film documentary and companion book Handmade Nation by Faythe Levine. Deb is originally from Bristol, CT, where annually there is a festival dedicated to the Chrysanthemum. She has a BA in Creative Arts from Bradford College in Massachusetts, and serves as co-chair on the board of the Dirt Palace Public Projects in Providence, RI.

Review Alliance for Artists Communities and find a residency you may be interested in knowing or visiting or attending:


By Next Class April 3
Apply for SPIN the grant research engine
Target to your own interests:

RISD has a license to use an external database, called SPIN, that searches thousands of public and private funding opportunities and can send individually tailored, daily email alerts. SPIN makes it easy to:
* Access funding information online, from any browser
* Organize grant information in one convenient place
* Gain access to the largest keyword list, allowing for greater flexibility in your searches
* Quickly locate Limited Submission Opportunities, Federal or non-Federal programs

Click here to learn about SPIN and sign up. (See other page content in folder that links to SPIN)





RI Arts Charrette 2013



Articles on Non-Profit Arts Agencies





writinggrantproposal-saic-sullivan Writing Interview Protocols and Conducting Interviews: Tips for Students New to the Field of Qualitative Research