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Writing an Artist Grant Proposal



Thursday October 13 Individual Meetings NO GROUP MEETING

8:30 Rachel

9:00 Andie

9:30 Wenjing

10:00 Regina

10:30 Chubai

11:00 Yue

11:30 Nicole

Noon Maria

Thursday October 20

Student Presentations of Research


Thursday October 27 NO CLASS

There will be no Arts in Context seminar this Thursday October 27th.
We will be going on the field Trip to I-Park Residency Program, East Haddam, CT
Meet at 12:30 in front of TLAD Department at 345 South Main St. at 12:30 pm on Sunday.We will meet Ralph Crispino and Joanne Paradis and see Open Studios.

Thursday November 3  Individual Meetings

9 Rachel
9:20 Wenjing
9;40 Regina
10 Chubai
10:20 Nicole
10:40 Maria
11:00 Yue
11:20 Andi or Fangding

Please Bring:

a copy of an application form
an artist/educator/designer statement
bullet points for a proposal/ or MFA application proposal
a current resume’ or CV…(a resume is less academic more gallery oriented… a CV is more academic, teaching oriented.)
Bring these items…..(and a cover letter integratively summarizes points from your statement, resume’ and proposal if needed)

We will try to get started quickly so that by the last class you will have a completed application or a research paper….

Once you add all necessary parts:
Your careful artist/designer CV or resume
Information about the grant, project, job
Your final proposal/statement
Your final bio or narrative
Your visuals
Student work if relevant
Your references if required to include rather than have them sent directly.

You will have around or at least 10 pages.

If your application is smaller, then I suggest you do two applications or grants.

If you prefer to do an in-depth interview, make a collation of grants you are interested in, create a comparative case study of non-profits, grants or foundations, research a topic in non-profit grants, agencies,or institutions, etc. that is fine too. Either choice will be about ten pages in length.

Thursday November 10
Karen Harris, Internship (while in grad school and after) Director, RISDCareer Services
Lisa Cramer, Grantwriter, RISD Career Services
They will be speaking together on Nov. 10th to our seminar.

Thursday November 17  9:15 AM
Daniel  Kertzner
Rhode Island Foundation
regarding Women Grants, Social Justice Grants, MacColl Fellowships, Innovation Fellowships, arts and education grants.

Meet at 9:15 at

Rhode Island Foundation
One Union Station

(walk to Kennedy Plaza, and view orange brick building on the north side of plaza…enter through RI Foundation door in the east of the Marriott Hotel)
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 274-4564

Please peruse this before our visit:

Thursday Dec. 1  LAST CLASS

Individual Presentations of research or application to the class.
Go through each area of your production.
Count on 20 minutes each; 15 for presentation and 5 minutes for comments.

Thursday Dec. 15  FINAL DUE DATE
Email final  pdf of your work for the term.


Case study refers to the collection and presentation of detailed information about a particular participant or small group, frequently including the accounts of subjects themselves. A form of qualitative descriptive research, the case study looks intensely at an individual or small participant pool, drawing conclusions only about that participant or group and only in that specific context. Researchers do not focus on the discovery of a universal, generalizable truth, nor do they typically look for cause-effect relationships; instead, emphasis is placed on exploration and description

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