Entrance and Exit Ticket

Lisa Young
Graduate Critic, Photography Department

drives still composite

Title: Drives
Date: 2008
Medium: Single channel video
Dimensions: Video stills, 10 minutes total running length

Graduate Critique/Thesis (PHOTO-532G-537G)
Image Bank (PHOTO-5326)
Issues and Images II (PHOTO-5310)

Entrance and Exit Tickets
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Student Name:

How familiar are you with the history of film studies?

How familiar are you with shooting and editing video?

How familiar are you with the work of contemporary photographers who also produce time-based work?

What interest might you have in expanding your still image practice to include time-based work?

Thanks for responding! It helps me know where you’re at as we begin the semester.


Student Name:

Describe the overview you have gained regarding the shared history of still and moving lens-based work.

Using the proper vocabulary of film studies, name five basic edits.

Using the proper vocabulary, name three different approaches to film making and give one hallmark of each approach.

Give an example of a contemporary practitioner that uses still and moving images in their work, and describe how the different aspects of their practice relate.

Has your ability to express your understanding of time-based media through written analysis deepened? Give an example.

Do you feel confident editing/producing a time-based work? Give an example.

How have you developed your approach to your own time-based practice?

Thanks for responding! You completed Issues and Images II!