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Thoughts To Act On:


“I’ve been teaching for a long, long time but I don’t think my journey is complete yet. Actually, I don’t think the journey of a good teacher is ever really complete because we look back at our practice, we examine what it is that we do, and we think of new ways to do it better.

I’m more excited about teaching now than perhaps at any other moment in my career because of the potentials of integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment. What are the promises of new media for me as a teacher, what does it offer us? I believe that there is a transformation ahead for us that we cannot yet imagine.


In our masters in teaching program we have enormous sets of state standards that our students have to show evidence of meeting. Very soon, colleges and universities also will have to provide very critical evidence of student learning and demonstrate how that matches the established goals and outcomes. So we need to archive work for purposes of assessment — personal assessment, course assessment, and departmental assessment.

Digital media provides us with this content repository, and, more important, it is dynamic content. It allows us to use the archive of previous work to inform current teaching. As faculty, we have to reflect on the work that we and our students have done, and let that guide new directions in our work.


Both internally and externally, people know very little about the Department of Teaching+ Learning in Art + Design. I’m interested making the scope of our work transparent and am investigating methods and technologies to convey what we do to our larger community. Our students don’t produce art work, we produce extraordinary ideas about pedagogies for studio-based teaching or museum-based teaching. This work, this valuable content has resonance beyond the walls of the classroom…


We tend to think about the classroom as a class, but indeed it’s a teaching and learning community. When one graduates, should they ever really leave us? What about all of that capital in terms of innovation and practice? Is there a way in which new technology can keep people involved in and contributing to the work here on campus? The notion of new technology extending beyond graduation fascinates me.”

Dr. Paul Sproll, 

Head, Teaching + Learning in Art + Design Department and Founder of      Project Open Door.