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Thursday 9 to Noon TLAD Collaborative Classroom



The seminar includes this content:

Creating a Teaching Portfolio

Micro-teaching Session

Article Review Roundtable

Case Study or Faculty Interview Research

Teaching Portfolio Final Presentation

The seminar will incorporate:

Individual and Group Reviews

Peer to Peer Reviews

Guest Faculty Reflections

Guest Graduate Experiences

Two Group Presentations


Teaching Portfolio Assignments:





  1. How to persuade With Ethos, Pathos or Logos Lincoln Mullen
  2.   center/sites/







rubric for proposed course assessment (hard copy only)










the-getting-of-wisdom What Critically Reflective Teaching is and Why it’s Important. Stephen Brookfield







Flipping the Classroom, Howard University Podcast Center for Teaching and Learning


Thursday May 25

Due: Email final PDF Name_Portfolio_2017


Thursday May 11

Final 10-15 Portfolio Presentation

Thursday May 4

Small Group Reviews of Teaching Portfolio with checklist: Feedback Form, Course Rubric, Syllabus 

Assignment; Prepare your final iteration of all of your documents for class: cv, teaching philosophy, course descriptions, syllabus, class project, feedback form, assessment framework. Add extra material such as opening quote or image, resource lists, material websites, etc. Those continuing please add more course descriptions.

Thursday April 27

Article Conversations
Assignment: Course Assessment Rubric


April 20
Faculty Interview or Case Study Presentation

Continue Individual Meetings

Review: Critique Formats


  1.  Rubric for Course Assessment (handout)

2.   Article Review for next week. from Journals, podcasts, TED talk, chapter, book , blogsite review…       See sample pedagogy article listings above.

Due via email:

Faculty Interview or Case Study

First Draft of Syllabus (follow 100 point guide)

Class Project:  Proposed Course Title, Class Project Assignment,  Itemized Assignment Goals, Itemized Assignment Outcomes, Assignment Methods,  Assignment Benchmarks, Add any resources or materials needed.

Feedback Form:  Title of proposed course, course goals, Likert and open-ended questions included.


April 12   Individual Meetings Nancy’s Office  

I would like to see your preliminary syllabus with :

course description

course information

enumerated course goals

separately enumerated course learning outcomes with gradable percentages.

Beginning plan for the weeks with learning outcomes clearly stated as a guide for the week or biweekly or quarterly time period….


A class project (first draft.)


Please come to the meeting with an idea of what your plan is for the case study OR the faculty interview or profile.  Both can have images too as you wish.

I will be handing out the mid-term feedback form assignment to you in our individual meetings.


Bring what you can. We will meet in my office just before the classroom entry door.

Please notify me of any errors in this schedule and allow for 5 to 10 minute differences in times as conversations may be shorter or longer…as humans do.

8:30 Cathy

8:50  Felicia

9:10   Yue

9:30  Chaitra

9:50   Kelly

10:10 Chubai

10:30  Juri

10:50 Nick

11:10 Kim

11:30 Kate

11:50 Dandi

You may switch times amongst yourselves as needed.


Mid-term Semester Recap

These are the areas we have covered:

Academic CV

Cover Letter (for continuing graduates)

Teaching Philosophy

3-course descriptions (beginning, advanced, elective)


Class Project

Case study or faculty interview assignment

We have also had guest faculty and guest graduates giving their insights and suggestions to new instructors.


April 5  Open Discussion and Re-view Group Meeting


March 22

This Thursday, tomorrow, please bring your course descriptions in hard copy to the seminar. Bring what you have even if you have not completed them all.

The assignment asks for 3 descriptions: one basic, one advanced, one elective. These course descriptions are for collegiate-level or post-secondary level only.

We will:

Continue the Microteaching Sessions


Small Group Reviews of Course Descriptions
We will be looking first for the aims/goals: the enduring value of the course. Then we will be looking for the learning outcomes indicated in the course description followed by a sense of the structure and the methods in the class. Finally we will be looking for unique specificities, seminal texts, particular films, type or types of field trips, specific assignments…etc.

After this class, please email your Course Descriptions to me by April 6th. Last name_Course_Description.

Then we will go over a worksheet to begin to construct a syllabus from one of your course descriptions.


In ending I will go over the case study, article review, faculty interview options.


International Collegiate Teaching Sites

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University 
 Centre for Educational Development

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 Educational Development Centre

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
 Center for Enhanced Learning and Teaching

University of Hong Kong
 Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning


Hiroshima University Research Institute for Higher Education

University of Tokyo
 Center for Research on the Development of Higher Education


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Saudi Arabia

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals 
Deanship of Academic Development


National University of Singapore Centre for the Development of Teaching and Learning

National University of Singapore
 Centre for Instructional Technology


University of Adelaide
 Centre for Learning and Professional Development – Learning and Teaching Support

Australian National University Center for Educational Development and Academic Methods

University of Canberra

Charles Darwin University
 Teaching and Learning Quality Group

Macquarie University
 Learning and Teaching Centre

Melbourne University
 Center for the Study of Higher Education

University of New South Wales

University of Sydney
 Institute for Teaching and Learning

University of Tasmania
 Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching

University of Technology, Sydney
 Institute for Interactive Media and Learning

University of Western Australia
 Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning

University of Wollongong
  Centre for Education Development, Innovation and Recognition

New Zealand

University of Auckland
  Centre for Academic Development

University of Canterbury

University of Otago
 Higher Education Development Centre

Victoria University at Wellington
 University Teaching Development Centre


University of Hamburg


Carleton UniversityEducational Development Centre

Dalhousie UniversityCentre for Learning and Teaching

McMaster UniversityCentre for Leadership in LearningFaculty of Health Sciences—Programme for Faculty Development

McGill UniversityTeaching and Learning Services

Queens University at KingstonCentre for Teaching and Learning

Ryerson UniversityLearning and Teaching Office

University of AlbertaLearning SolutionsCentre for Teaching and Learning

University of British ColumbiaThe Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology

University of GuelphTeaching Support Services

University of ManitobaUniversity Teaching Services

University of OttawaTeaching and Learning Support Service

University of Saskatchewan Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness

University of Toronto at ScarboroughCentre for Teaching and Learning

University of VictoriaLearning and Teaching Centre

University of Waterloo…

University of WindsorCentre for Teaching and Learning

Wilfrid Laurier UniversityEducational Development

York University
 The Teaching Commons

Canada Community Colleges

Lethbridge Community College
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Mount Royal CollegeInstitute for Scholarship of Teaching & Learning

U.S. Colleges and Universities


Auburn University
 The Instructional Multimedia Group

Samford University
 The Center for Teaching, Learning and Scholarship

University of Alabama
 Center for Teaching and Learning


University of Alaska-Anchorage
 Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence


Arizona State University
 UOEEE Teaching & Learning

Northern Arizona University Faculty Development Program

University of Arizona
 Office of Instruction and Assessment


John Brown University
 Teaching and Learning and Scholarship

University of Arkansas-Little RockCenter for Applied Studies in Education

University of Arkansas-FayettevilleThe Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center

University of Central ArkansasInstructional Development Center


Azusa Pacific UniversityOffice of Faculty Development

California State University-ChicoTechnology and Learning Program

California State University-HaywardOffice of Faculty Development and Center for Excellence in Teaching

California State University-Long BeachFaculty Center for Professional DevelopmentAcademic Computing Services

California State University-NorthridgeThe Center for Innovative & Engaged Learning Opportunities

California State University-PomonaFaculty Center for Professional DevelopmentCalifornia State University-SacramentoCenter for Teaching and Learning

California State University-San BernardinoTeaching Resource Center

San Francisco State UniversityCenter for Teaching and Faculty Development

Sonoma State UniversityCenter for Teaching and Professional Development

Stanford UniversityCenter for Teaching and Learning

University of California BerkeleyOffice of Educational DevelopmentGraduate Student Instructor (GSI) Teaching and Resource Center

University of California DavisCenter for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

University of California IrvineTeaching, Learning and Technology Center

University of California Los AngelesOffice of Instructional Development

Univeristy of California San DiegoCenter for Teaching Development

University of California Santa BarbaraInstructional DevelopmentTeaching Assistant Development

University of California Santa CruzCenter for Teaching & Learning

University of Southern CaliforniaCenter for Excellence in Teaching




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